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The company, Doksun Power Private Limited is actually a consortium of dexterous professionals from various fields,including one from hectic and time-oriented trade and supplies to see through all the business solutions,and another from electrical sector having deep-rooted knowledge from top management to end-user requirements. One from exquisite customer satisfaction and from plant operation and management segment and another from procurement and recruitment segment,etc. All being masters of there field, have joined together with one base line to lead the industry by giving best service using quality with economy to the customer as the company objective. Which is fully devoted in providing the masses a cost effective and permanent solution for all type of earthing back-fill compound requirements.Our robust manufacturing unit helps us in fabricating customised and bulk orders for our clients, meeting their varied needs and preferences.

Technical Highlights: Lightning detection and protection systems, atmospheric electricity, cloud physics & data analysis, premier manufacturer and system manufacturer of high quality earthing/grounding and lightning protection solutions, We undertake turnkey works as per all the National and International code of practices, such as IEC, IEEE, ASMA, NFPA, BIS, ISO, BS, OISD etc. We work with most of the industry leading designing software, such as CDEGS, AutoCad, Argon, E-Tap, AutoGrid etc., we are member of CIGRE, France.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals, which performs various performance related tests in order to check their compliance with the international quality standards and norms. Moreover, we are also engaged in continuous research and development, so as to improve the quality and performance of the products. A client-centric approach is followed by us for achieving maximum satisfaction.Keeping this in mind, we have established good communication channels with the help of our strong support staff. This helps us in maintaining consistency in product quality. Furthermore, for clients’ added comfort, we have streamlined all our processes and deliver the products without any kind of delay, saving their valuable time and money.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Chemical Earthing Solutions. These products are manufactured using supreme quality raw material and ingredients. Our products are highly recommended for their reliable performance, efficiency, durability and authenticity. We can also customise these products as per requirements detailed down by the clients. Deploying technically advanced machines has enabled us in coping up with demands concerning bulk consignments. Moreover, we stay in strict compliance with international standards to meet varied requirements of the valuable clients. Our array includes below listed products:

Manufacturing of earthing electrodes & lightning arrester and undertake total designing, supply and installation (turnkey) work for the same.

An overview for Earthing/Grounding Protection:

The most important safety system in any building or zone is the one protecting from the hazards of fault current. Earthing/grounding systems have to perform effectively all the time; if a deficiency in the system is unnoticed or unaddressed it may result in damage to equipment, operational failure or the death of living beings. Consequently prudent organisations refuse to compromise on the provision for earthing/grounding. All construction projects have to address the challenges presented by faulty electrical current. A failure to effectively protect against fault current can have disastrous, even fatal consequences. For this reason it is essential that the scale of the potential hazard is established in advance and then specifically addressed through an effective earthing/grounding design and it is for this reason that prudent companies seek technically sound companies to get support in this provision.

An overview for Lightning Protection:

The spectacle of lightning has inspired awe and fear as long as been life on this planet. Our fascination with lightning is akin to our fascination with potentially dangerous animals or activities. The truth of the matter is that with the exception of floods (which affect entire populated area in a single event) lightning is the biggest weather-linked killer. Whilst lightning may not threaten everyday lightning protection is still essential.

By the above mentioned brief introduction about Earthing and Lightning protection one shall assume the gravity of the products and solutions provided. We have already worked with reputed companies and satisfied them with our quality product and service. Please remember us in your current and upcoming projects. We are a company with expertise and work at very competitive price.